Welcome to SoliFlame V1

We’ve developed the World’s first portable, solar rechargeable, electronically powered fire igniter.

The SoliFlame V1

solar Rechargeable Fire Igniter

Soliflame Solar Fire-starter is the world’s first solar rechargeable fire igniter. This patent pending device allows you to charge your fire-starter with the power of low-light sun via an on-board solar panel. It is also equipped with a USB charge port for quicker charging via power banks or larger solar panels. Our proprietary technology allows the removable tip to heat up to 1200 degrees in just a matter of seconds. Giving you the ability to Start Fire, in any condition – the green way!

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SoliFlame ALPHA

Where it all started – ALPHA

This was the very first working model we made of the SoliFlame. In ALPHA we were just trying to complete the task of having a rechargeable Lipo battery ignite a coil with the push of a button. It did not include the onboard solar panel at this point. We were testing the power of the battery against different coil sizes and types..

SoliFlame BETA

The Journey Continues – BETA.

After successfully completing stage ALPHA we moved on to BETA in an attempt to incorporate on onboard solar panel that could charge the battery via sunlight. This required countless hours of redesigning our first casing. We also had to build a circuit board that would control charging loads and wattage delivery to the coil. We also increased the output of the battery to send it’s full resource in one clip instead of sending power trickles like LED flashlights. Our goal was to get a stable working prototype.

SoliFlame PROTO1

The First Designed Working Prototype – PROTO1.

Although we had a solid working stable prototype we were missing that sleek ergonomic design. So, we went back to the drawing board and created a completely new casing. We ran the casing on a 3D printer and SoliFlame PROTO1 was born.

SoliFlame V1

Our V1 Release – V1

We’ve begun the process of acquiring manufacturing both in the US and Overseas. We are currently crowd funding through indiegogo.


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